Thomas Jefferson – A President with a Difference

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States of America. He accomplished several feats in his lifetime. Thomas Jefferson was a writer, a musician, a pioneer in scientific farming, an inventor, an architect, a scientist, a politician, a naturalist, educator, and a philosopher. His interests were varied, and he was one of the most gifted individuals in history.

As the U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson strengthened the executive powers of the government. As the foremost leader of a political party in the US, he used his influence and leadership qualities to exercise control over the US congress. His enormous belief in popular rule led to for what is now known as the Jeffersonian democracy. During his time as the president, he always strived to maintain a government guided by the well-being and freedom of individuals.

Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia in April 13, 1743. His father (Peter Jefferson) had succeeded as a planter and his mother (Jane Jefferson) was an heir to the illustrious Randolph family of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy of life was built up while he grew up with his father. Even though Thomas became part of the Virginia aristocracy due to the affluence of his mother’s family, he always looked up to his father, who gained his wealth on shear hard work.

Thomas Jefferson began his education when he was five years old. He was homeschooled at Tuckahoe, an estate willed to his father by his uncle. Later in 1757, he went to the St. James Parish, Virginia and studied Latin under the guidance of Reverend William Douglas. Thomas Jefferson proceeded to the Fredericksville Parish in Virginia, where he spent two years studying natural science, geography, literature, history, Latin and Greek classics. He later went to the College in Williamsburg, and learnt so much from Doctor William Small.

After several years of study to become a lawyer, Thomas Jefferson was admitted to practice law in Virginia. He got married to 24-year old Martha Wayles in 1772, and they had 6 children. After her death in 1782, Thomas Jefferson decided to go back to politics, a career path he wanted to abandon initially.

Jefferson became the Governor of Virginia after spending some years in the legislative house of Virginia. He served as the secretary of State during the George Washington Administration and became the vice-president of the United States at the age of 54. In 1801, Thomas Jefferson became the president of the United States after serving in President John Adam’s administration. He was the first to be inaugurated in Washington D.C. He achieved so much in his lifetime, including his establishment of the University of Virginia.

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