The People of Danville Virginia

Danville is a city in the State of Virginia. It has a population of 43,145, and bounded by North Carolina, Caswell County, and Pittsylvania County. Danville has a total area of 113.7 km2 (or 43.9 square miles), of which 1 square mile is water and 42.9 square miles is land.
The city has the following racial make-up
Asian – 0.9%
Hispanic – 2.9%
African American – 48.3%
White Non-Hispanic – 46.7%
Alaska Native – 0.2%
Other races – 1.3%

Danville was a major participant during the American Civil War. The city was a strategic zone of activity during the four years of war. It was a prison camp and a quartermaster center during this period. The city contributed a battery of artillery, one troop of cavalry, and two companies of cavalries to the war. 6 tobacco warehouses were transformed and used as prison houses for more than 5,000 captured soldiers during the war. However, the 1864 small pox and dysentery epidemic killed more than 1300 of these soldiers. They were buried in the Danville National cemetery.
Famous People in Danville
Danville has several famous people who have made and are still making their mark in the US. Some of these people are listed in alphabetical order.
 Emmet Gowin, photographer
 Andra Willis, a singer
 Jules James, U.S. Navy during the Second World War
 Buddy Curry, former Atlanta Falcons player
 J. Harrison, contributed immensely to the first kidney transplant
 Camilla Ella Williams, an opera singer
 Charles Tyner, actor
 David Wilson, football player
 Don Testerman, professional football player.
 Dr. Henry Lumpkin Wilson,
 Dr. Stephen D. Turner, scientist
 Eric Owens, Major League Baseball player (Former)
 Ferrell Edmunds, NFL player
 George M. La Monte, Philanthropist, politician, and paper manufacturer,
 Herman Moore, former NFL Player,
 James I. Robertson, Jr., historian,
 John B. Henderson, U.S Senator
 Johnny Newman, NBA player
 Mojo Nixon, musician
 Nancy Astor, member, House of Commons
 Nate Poole, NFL player
 Peyton Sellers, NASCAR driver
 Ricky Van Shelton, Country Music Singer
 Robert H. Edmunds, Jr., Supreme Court Justice in North Carolina
 Thomas Jefferson, Former American President
 Skipp Sudduth, actor (Third Watch) and (Ronin (film)
 Wendell Scott, first African-American NASCAR driver
 Tony Rice, bluegrass musician
 Timothy Peters, NASCAR racecar driver
 Tony Womack MLB player[22]
 William Lewis Cabell, Mayor of Dallas and Confederate Brigadier General

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